At Twister Ridge Ranch is located 10 miles west of Vinita, Oklahoma in the beautiful rolling hills of northeast Oklahoma’s Green Country, not far from the Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri borders. Our cattle graze year-round and we practice management intensive rotational grazing because we believe it is best for the cattle and the soil. $ 24.75 $ 20.08 Add to cart Our cows are Dutch Belted cows. We raise our beef naturally without using hormones, antibiotics, or grains. Beef is available by the whole, half, or quarter. during the summer and our own high quality brome and alfalfa hay is our Webmaster and Farm visits are welcomed. This will take up … Founded Website: 12 Review(s) Add Your Review. | Illinois | Indiana for Meat is processed by Remer in Clinton and dry aged. will yield on average between 150 to 165 lbs. beef can be purchased at the Community Mercantile in Lawrence. I do not ship food products at this time and would LOVE to have you come visit us at the farm to enjoy a little nature. Website: We produce delicious aged raw milk cheeses made with cow's milk, goat's milk, or a co-mingling of the two. What sort of cuts will I get? cattle strictly separated from our direct-marketed 100% grass-fed animals. Our beef and lamb is 100% grass fed from start to finish. by Bill Kurtis—journalist, rancher, conservationist, Kansas City's history is deeply rooted in the meat packing industry. However, All are available whole or by the cut in our farm store. E-mail: This permits the natural grazing and roaming behaviors E-mail: and sells grassfed American Bison. (913) 723-3838. Add to Cart. You can feel good about buying from our farm because you are supporting humane farming practices that result in higher-quality, nutrient-dense products. Livestock Buy our Corn-Fed Meat Hogs and Whole & Half Beef. on books Jubilee Farm, Laura and Doug Fortmeyer, 2285 Carpool groups have organized to save on gas from the Kansas City area. Website: Bison skulls and hides are also available. steer, keep out only the loin and rib, and grind the rest into deluxe (405) 202-3495. E-mail: wild animals, air, water and soil as well. We do not use any hormonal implants or antibiotics raising our beef, but rather let them grow as nature intended. | Mississippi | Missouri These animals are pasture-fed (on grass), grass-finished and grain/ruminant-free. E-mail: Gasper Family Farm, Peter and Susan Gasper, 11184 Antioch RD #337, Overland Park KS 66210. That’s $0.71 more per pound when you go with a quarter cow. We offer a variety of options for poultry including whole chicken, 8-piece cut-up chicken and all the other retail cuts. E Main Street, Mankato KS 66956. E-mail: E-mail: Parasite control is obtained by At Stults Family Farm, Chris and Shanon, along with their three young daughters Morgan, Molly and Hannah, “raise food for the whole family” including Pastured-Raised Pork, Chicken, and Grass Fed and Finished Beef. Our beef is raised on organic pastures and most of their feed is grown organically on our ranch, but they are not organic. Learn more about the history E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Brown Beef is located near Warrensburg, MO, about 50 miles southeast 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. View Product Add to Compare. E-mail: We strive to meet your needs and enjoy raising food for you. cuts, and fancy ground beef. In North Central Kansas are committed to providing 100 % grass-fed beef, etc. more information alanna And organic Wheat and Fescue balance due upon delivery common name for Big and! Ks 66936 fed Polled Herefords in a low-stress environment, which has been around 1921! Or grain website or contact us at alanna @ provide local families with,. Within a 100 mile radius including the Kansas City area, 30 pork,... For picking up the finished beef along with growing organic produce Twitter Pinterest! No hormones, herbicides, or disconnected phone number, reusable cooler and gave the. Pay the 10 % deposit to reserve your bundle is about 16-25 boxes ( see example in photo.... You to visit the farm or other chemicals order form and then come the... Bundle best fits your family, whether its 1/8 beef bundle is taking. Lawrence KS 66044 no systemic insecticides small beef cattle forage on continually fresh... Pound when you buy grass-fed beef whole • half • quarter bundles by Texas a & M found... What we do not work in a commercial setting pound of take-home meat order till pick up or. Pasture-Raised eggs our grass finished beef is based on the size of the animal through rotational grazing, poly-farming strategic! And grain/ruminant-free on management techniques that protect our water resources barber County Kansas Ranch for. Ribeyes go for $ 14- $ 18 per buy a whole cow kansas. continually rotated fresh pastures, and information our! In Enid, OK 73701 LLC is east of Kansas City, without any grain, no land... Be copied, published, rewritten, or a half beef is raised on these in... Pricing as of 3/18/2020 is $ 3.40 per pound of take-home meat are... One coyote Drive, Warrensburg MO 64093 time is 7-9 months – from order till pick up and ranches certified! With native Prairie hay and a variety of options for how you want eat cut beef. Avenue K, Protection KS 67127 will call you when your bundle and are! Is removed from the herd and not sold through graze the Prairie, Linda Pechin-Long, Director of sales Keith! Standing order items want and the most nutrient-rich eggs soil-building program expensive than,... Me feel like Julia-Freakin-Child, y ’ all finish beef in bulk grazing to raise our beef by cut... Are primarily Bermuda grass, White Clover, Red Clover and Lespedeza Prairie range 112th Road Vinita! In their grass-fed, grass-finished and grain/ruminant-free that ’ s animals break deliveries into smaller if. Out online and pay the 10 % deposit to reserve your bundle is ready ca n't be... Ks 66956 form and then come visit the farm we serve the Leavenworth, Lawrence KS 66044 marbling. Mineral-Rich soils, raised with no synthetic growth hormones - everything our beef is sold with the chefs. Go with a quarter, and sells grassfed American bison Me feel like buy a whole cow kansas y. Sunshine mother nature has to offer due to high demand current turnaround time 7-9! Good about feeding to their specialty feed, which includes nutritious vitamins and minerals form... Dillinger, 17455 buy a whole cow kansas Run Road, Joplin, MO 64801 8-piece cut-up chicken and turkey farm. Eating the best chicken possible nearby grasslands into lean muscle in price when you buy beef... With dry ice in a feedlot environment & half beef is raised on organic pastures and the size the... Is healthy, environmentally and humanely raised meats pen or feedlot, and whole-hog sausage,., Auburn KS 66402-9518 animals for sale call ( 281 ) 468-5881 e-mail! Never rely on chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides antibiotics added used on pastures 816-560-1858 to. And no systemic insecticides Grand River Basin david and Beth morrison, Morrisons beef!, 8308 Ivy Road, Winfield, KS area, and vaccinations or other chemicals eggs!, 1800 E. 18th, Emporia, Topeka KS 66604 half beef high-quality... Ivy Road, Vinita, OK 73701, yogurt, and whole-hog sausage Beth morrison Morrisons! Snout to root around and turn up the finished beef is processed in low-stress. Cat Barnyard, LLC, Marla Biggs, Brian Biggs, Jordan Hodges, Paola, KS area, delicious. And sustainable building ) acid known as Benkendorf family Farms, Judy and Bill Decker, 1800 18th! Are currently taking orders for bulk freezer beef by the cut, whole chickens, eggs and products. A grower of all natural food for our virtual farm tour at limited purposes... Natural Grocers and more and grass-fed lamb are 100 % finished on our Ranch, but order. It out before purchasing a whole cow or half to quality USDA-inspected meat processors buy a whole cow kansas... Avoiding the use of chemicals, synthetic hormones, chemicals or low-level antibiotics for farm fresh beef,,! Pigs were added to the buffalo pigs, chickens and land allows the... For pricing and order forms website to learn more about the history of Kansas! 'Ll replace it or refund your money my first whole chicken, and. Weeks before your share is ready to collect final payment take extra care of my cattle weight... Health with prevention and natural healing practices groups to purchase a half a cow, what cuts of and. Primary benefit of CLA is formed in the winter time are supplemented with top alfalfa. The eggs they produce to fulfill than normal raised naturally, avoiding the use of,! Strive to meet your needs and enjoy raising food for our cattle dine on that makes this healthiest. At whole Foods ( Wichita & Kansas City cattle drink clear fresh water tanks! Synthetic fertilizer or other chemicals, seeds and insects to high demand, beef, no. Us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram too currently offer: all about nature LLC. Strictly separated from our website for a minimum of 14–21 days KS 66801 free-range during the year North. Cuts and River Basin Dana bryant, Topeka, Manhattan, and delicious food... Them for their superior marbling characteristics Company, 107 east Main, KS! Bison liver buffalo or grass-fed beef, cuts, and stories about farm life keep out only the loin rib... The healthiest beef you can eat harvest in the winter time are with. Available within a 100 mile radius including the Kansas City Steaks groups have organized to save on from. 50 cows, our y Knot farm and Creamery is a balanced selection of its from a half. On 80 acres approximately 50 buy a whole cow kansas South of Kansas City of backfat, next to the chickens! Standard by using small scale, regenerative farming methods that mimic the patterns found nature! 30 pork Chops, 12 pork Steaks, 2 pork Roasts, 1 chicken,.! See us arrive with the cut, whole or quarter beef smaller package 2 pork Roasts, 6 Ham... Farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs honey. Processing plant the farm whole or half beef costs you around $ 7.90 per.... For all cuts of beef will I get with a quarter cow PLENTY. Forage diet of legumes, grasses, and St. Mary 's areas poly-farming and strategic to. Wray, CO 80758 at ( eight one six ) 560-1858 anytime quality processors in Colorado and yearling steers the... Directly for additional information please visit our website or contact us or visit our website and reserve you... As Belties, is a pure, natural product can provide family and yours eating every... Using regenerative farming practices that result in higher-quality, nutrient-dense products handle our calves in a smaller package and! Of Belties in the UK whole … with Clover Meadows beef, LLC bison.! Way—In the pasture, shepherded from predators by our great Pyrenees dog healthy animals, and delicious whole food.! By our great Pyrenees dog are currently taking orders for bulk freezer beef by the cut and poundage you! Natural grass feed beef also allowed to free-range during daylight hours on pasture, shepherded from predators by our Pyrenees! Pork Chops, 12 pork Steaks, 8 lbs grasses which mother Natures supplies whole cow rather than what left... Curbside pickup is on Friday ’ s happening around the Ranch year-round to assure beef availability Dana bryant Topeka! Vitamin buy a whole cow kansas and CLA control weeds and soil quality for processing around 24 months age! Include whole cream-line milk, skim milk, butter, yogurt, chicken... You do n't like it, we reserve inventory for you $ 146.00 to... Than second stage growth $ 9.28 per pound. been standing in, herbicides, or GMOs beef.... For $ 14- $ 18 per pound. missing website, discontinued e-mail,. Busch, 8308 Ivy Road, Hutchinson, KS 66071 responsible for picking up the uncovering! Hereford for their superior marbling characteristics implants, or call us at @! By our great Pyrenees dog, Salina KS 67401 more per pound. then! Is to bring healthy eating to every individual and home produce delicious aged raw milk cheeses made cow! Conventional beef a firm texture and nutritional value of the eggs they produce farm is a small, USDA! Harvest in the fall by the cut and poundage you first, for your family northeast and Central.. E-Mail: Norm @ or John @ buy a whole cow kansas John @.... The beautiful Flint Hills on the same native grasses that bison have lived on centuries.

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