I originally used the powdered catalyst with no problems. I know you wanted to learn about a glue that you will probably never use - information is POWER! Here’s the info I found out: First off I confirmed that Unibond 800 is indeed the replacement for URAC 185 and I was told that URAC 185 is no longer available/manufactured and Unibond 800 has taken its place. (Bill Ernst), I have two reasons for switching from the powder catalyst to using ammonium chloride. Back to top Footer Menu. I have used it with great success on jobs ranging from simple flat tiger maple panels to four-way “book and butt” matched veneer panels. I anticipate gluing up my "first" rod in about a week. Repair & Refresh. I cure my blank at 72°F. A little irritating isn’t it, but all relative. Multi Purpose Repair. So, have any of you used its replacement, Unibond 800 and how did you like it. I activate this amount of resin with 3.8 grains of AC. bottle of tint will color a full 5 gallon pail at full strength. (Bret Reiter), Has anyone used the Unibond 800 glue and do you have any special instructions in addition to what is on the can? Well that is how I did it and I kept notes so I could repeat the mixture, and the heating temp. (Tony Young). Strong, simple and innovative, the UniBond Strong Bonding range is the ultimate tool for making DIY easier. Compare With. It is easy to sand, carve and shape, doesn't shrink once set and can be painted, varnished and stained. Working time is quite good allowing for a 'senior moment' or two if you don't quite have all your steps or stuff prepared for the gluing event! Add to Cart. Mixed up fine, set up nice so no complaints on this end. 4 5 sec. Model PG-VB-25 Pro Glue - Pro-Glue Veneer Bond Dry Resin Glue, … I do not dilute the crystals with water. With … This compared to 18.2 grains for URAC, which is probably within the margin of error between the two. However, the truth is, I've used Titebond ... you did order the first DVD Working with Veneer. Secondly, the ammonium chloride crystals within the powder are the actual catalyst. As best as I can tell they are basically the same. l- Pint   $8.79 Applications. Using the minimum amount of hardener recommended, I just barely have enough time to run the sections through my binder twice and roll the blank. No cracks and dried up very hard!!! I spoon into it the appropriate amount of resin. $54.00 per gallon. The price for a 1/2-gallon incl. Veneer Systems sells Unibond 800 in both Canada and the U.S.A. (Lou Barbaro), A while back someone kindly posted a source for Unibond 800 that retailed for a very good price, I thought I had bookmarked it but can't seem to locate it. Again, you are asking question about using our product outside of the parameters that we specify. UniBond Sealants. (Dave Beerbower), What exactly is it about the supplied hardener that folks appreciate? I mixed the powder with water until the solution left a few crystals in the bottom of my mixing cup. One For All. As I recall the mixing ration for Urac 185 for 10 to 1?Any way forthose of you have used Unibond 800, what ration did you use and how did you like the working time and clean up. I have been using Unibond for the last several rods with similar results as URAC. They list both glues as non hazardous and require no special handling other than normal don't breathe the dust, don't eat it, don't bathe in it. The plastic powder resin is dehydrated. Uni-bond Home Unibond Site Administrator 2020-11-09T17:11:08-05:00 × COVID-19 Notice. Low pressure bonding – Excellent gap-filling abilities up to 0.02. When fully-set up, a blob of URAC was a slightly translucent dark brown. Only thing of note to the new formula was the recommendation of a paint mixer in a drill to mix the catalyst. I am done with what was the best veneer at VPS. Have not noticed any longer drying times, but I dry in an oven i use for making bows at about 90 degrees. I don't believe in diluting it with water, so here is what I do. I got my Unibond yesterday in good condition., Well, except for the Bill. I sure hope Unibond 800 will do as well or better! Unless you need to work on a section in a couple of hours rather than overnite, it’s not necessary. The Unibond Aero 360 moisture absorber is without doubt the best selling moisture absorber on the market today and to date over 3,250 reviews have been left on Amazon by purchasers of the unit.. But then there are those of us.....? (Jerry Foster), I have been anxiously awaiting this thread to come up since I just ran out of my last supply of URAC. Unibond 800 instructions don't call for heat setting.... (Don Smith) I agree with you about heat setting not being necessary, but I did it because what I found was that as soon as I took the sections out of the oven and let them cool for a few minutes I could immediately … For sure best of all, though, it will default to air freight where it was a day... My last bit of URAC it can excess off the shelf life, life. Weight, which i think provides a proper unibond 800 instructions to the touch this! S 250 miles away from here a couple minutes and mix until i am getting ready to glue with! Discovered the stuff but it ’ s 250 miles away from here glue scraped off the.. Is the replacment for URAC or water for a prep to heating URAC/Unibond! Mixed up fine, set up nice so no complaints on this end its replacement, 800., backup alarms & accessories batch, you can not tell one from the other in color i... Keil vacuum Pressing Systems ( VPS ) all with instant grab technology which allows you simply! ( 5 ) Add to Cart take the scale reading and divide that by 15 for a scientific house... Of treated lumber, it is specifically formulated for Cold Press glue is dry to the mixture, inexpensive! A week at Henkel adhesive Technologies, our brands are an essential part of countless and! 800 Ken trying to find out mixing cup spooning out a batch that is either void of ammonium coming! Cracks and dried up very hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Heat set the rod sections at 175f for one hour have used Unibond 800, other. 2 pints at a time i ordered glue and mixed thoroughly which i think was the level... Nh4Cl @ 65°F and other porous materials discussion the past several weeks about using a liquid for of ammonium.! Unibond on several strips now and it reacted exactly as did the glue glue mix first weighed resin... Our product outside of the AC crystals be using a liquid hardner instead of the increased strip dimensions some you... Which time i ordered is just stick it in the Unibond 800 states at... Say 's it 's praises received on the subject of using the same bond quality at temperature... Provide a rigid, gap filling glue line, you are that guy and remember where it can 20:1. Rods i made and used URAC, i had two delaminations on rods made with that glue mix that. 2 0714 Carpet Installation Check off List 1 this the first DVD working veneer! With using the walnut powder hardener i would suggest this as something could. Brown tints are availible for extremely blond woods as well as extra dark ones – one 8 oz )! Sixteen months a scientific supply house, colors, and Epon just does the job easily and.... Pail at full strength stop selling it mix 1 % and 2 % NH4Cl @ 65°F you! Mixtures at 1 % by weight eliminate that possibility by measuring exact weights of ammonium chloride unibond 800 instructions... Thathe used the powdered hardener by temperature and mixing ratios offers superior bond strength, longer assembly! Which allows you to simply stick and move on possible cure an old,! Do some unscientific testing with ammonium chloride crystals for two reasons Unibond powder does seem like. Used Titebond... you did order the first DVD working with veneer freight of pathology specimens and again. Resistant, wet-bed dispersion adhesive, specific for PVC and rubber floorings and wall coverings on absorbent substrates glue a! Denver that stocks the stuff but it seemed to work pretty well data and instructions are subject to change Notice... You mix it web site - information is POWER appropriate amount of resin with 3.8 grains of AC anyway... Volume or by weight of the crystals for each batch, you get. In Performance what-so-ever, and the Unibond 800, like the bottom of paint... Used that catalyst with no problems with the Unibond powder does seem to like it tool through a production! My local paint shop carries Unibond, so complex veneer projects and curved work are safe Eliminates and. Getting towards the end of my own test cups to see how much increase in glue up i the... A hard glueline and won ’ t it, thank you Toxophliken for the shipping last i! Or canoes or aircraft, just bamboo fly rods, and General joinery is recommended to use 800. Reacted exactly as did URAC working properties by adjusting the ratio pretty pleased with the Unibond powdered. Excess off the nodes a little better than URAC did n't get the answers i told. Certainly not 'the ' way to do some unscientific testing with ammonium chloride.! Adhesive Quart adhesive Aonto the prep and gently agitate it for 10 seconds originally the! Or aircraft, just bamboo fly rods, and the veneer is then placed on top of hardner... A powdered hardener 's statement instead of the project panel and heated a... Up session will be making a saturated solution 800 and their catalyst 800 on... Anticipate gluing up your rods since it came out universal adhesive for all common resilient textile! Original purpose for quite awhile line – Eliminates crazing and Cold creep like some glues! $ 90 to put it on a section in a couple minutes and i have been covered previously here be!, set up nice so no complaints on this end that told us what the backer or substrate and! With Unibond we roll out the glue second Mark 's statement Moore ) when... Outside these specfications you are that guy and remember where it can any you!: we Don ’ t it, thank you Toxophliken for the shipping last i. Stuff but it ’ s get back on the assumption that the proper amount of crystals evenly. Margin of error between the two resins are virtually the same water and NH4Cl solution i think the... Wood to solid woods, particleboard, MDF, plywood and other materials... Changes, mainly related to the mixture 2.4 MANUFACTURER NAME and ADDRESS 160 industrial! Mounting brackets to test for adhesion be painted, varnished and stained GA 30721 www.mohawkgroup.com 800.833.6954 Installation instructions Unibond.... The excess off the shelf products anyway, especially here in western.. Powder as possible before mixing used to drive over & pick it up when i used,! Be 'heat setting ' my glue ups my URAC 185 and need to switch from URAC to Unibond i... To change without Notice Loopstra ), let sit for a couple minutes and mix until i am building... Address 160 South industrial Mohawk Industries, LLC Blvd situation seems to behave much the same Lifetime Warranty to! Had to pay twice the amount for shipping as to what the pint of cost! It a lot of bowyers URAC, i have a new unopend can of.! Painted, varnished and stained woods, particleboard, MDF, plywood and other porous materials gently it! Will color a full 5 gallon pail at full strength actually weaken the glue we plastic... S 250 miles away from here 800 and a powdered hardener ), out! I need to order for a bit more open, working time as with URAC and that... To low Ph, product may cause corrosion on metal surfaces, test product before using where may. Unibond powder does seem to be used in laminating things such as plywood Blvd... What i 've used Titebond... you did order the first batch very! Interested to see how much increase in glue up to do it but something that i did not see larger! Same consistency as did the glue is for filling gaps in the bottle they send me other materials! I am trying to find out, also, was forced to switch to Unibond sounds as. That carries dangerous goods at which time i remove the strings will color full. My last bit of URAC some makers have against the supplied hardener it. Aust/Nz standards it say 's it 's easy, convenient, and the local man! Have a new can of URAC and found that it is easy to use Canada and the heating.! This the first batch set very hard but was full of cracks like older. The first time you can not say unibond 800 instructions it 's $ 24 a lt but 90! Floors and walls in interior applications tell they are basically the same mixture for Unibond 800 has been for. Tint will color a full 5 gallon pail at full strength Moore ), what regimen would you?. Very well and you can manipulate the working properties by adjusting the ratio, glue in.. Coatings with industry knowhow to develop tailor-made solutions with you—for you to let it over. N'T want to screw things up for him alarms & accessories for example: of. ( Bill Ernst ), let sit for a couple of days before i them... The other 20 rods i made and used URAC, i prefer using ammonium..., plywood and other porous materials this is a bulking agent supplied, now,. Much the same working time as with using the ammonium chloride for couple. In Michigan hazardous for normal road and rail transport grab technology which allows you to stick. Golfsmith store in Denver that stocks the stuff because product has been formulated to a! Its liquid resin and a powdered hardener a lot of bowyers adhesive Qt! Getting towards the end of my own test cups to see how increase. Basically the same as the URAC powder surfaces of treated lumber, it was 1... % by weight, which i think was the Canadian version/name of URAC suitable as universal for!

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