Walk Mileage Per Week. She was born and raised here at Mile High and is a Stevie and Charley baby, and full sister to Minnie and Billie. Then one of Sammy and Charley's pups was still available, and the last of the litter left, so we brought her to be with us full time as we would never leave a puppy alone. Within our two weeks with her she was fully trained, she was beyond smart and she was so affectionate which I miss terribly with my F1 Bordoodles, as they just aren't cuddly and loving often or all the time. Then the day came that we had our precious Dolly, oh my I never thought I would be once again blown away by another puppy thinking we had certainly had the best already, but I was wrong. Just remember that because they’re part Border Collie, they may have working dog traits. Colors expected are blue merle, black and white, red and white, black, red (with the possibility of apricot and white, apricot, and red merle). Colors expected black and white, and black for standard Bordoodle puppies and black and white, black, and blue merle for mini Bordoodle puppies. Stevie is half sister to Holly and Dam to Minnie, Billie, and Henley. Washington. She loves water and loves her bath, even tries to crawl in with the other dogs or puppies bathes. 7:39 . This can pose a challenge for some first-time dog owners. Bordoodles also excel in agility sports and are super desirable as service dogs due to their high I.Q. His obvious beauty isn’t the only thing that is eye-catching–his temperament and sweet soul can be felt by all that meet him. Breeds: Bordoodle. 57 pounds. Billie is a huge delight to us, such a super sweet, sensitive, extremely loyal little lady. One of our favorite coats. We adore Charley he is so sweet and has a very calm disposition, which is very important to us, as we feel hyperactive dogs make hyperactive puppies. He offers great bloodlines, health, and so many color possibilities. One of our favorite coats. Check out Doodle Puppy's available Bordoodle puppies for sale and see if they would make a perfect fit for your family. Minimal grooming and hypoallergenic, couldn't ask for anything better. Find out about training, behavior, and care of Bordoodle dogs. They are 5 weeks … Holly came to us from a wonderful breeder. If you are interested please fill out our adoption application and we will get back to you as soon as possible. and astonishing reasoning ability, which makes them super easy to … Saved to Favorites. We have never had one of our pups play. (With potential of apricot and white, and red merle). Holly is our little cherub, the sweetest dog ever, and she listens instantly. Mickey is currently thirty eight pounds and 19" at the shoulder. She is half Standard Poodle and half Border Collie. FROM HOLLY/MICKEY (RESERVED FOR CURRENT FUTURE LITTER LIST ABOVE), STEVIE/MICKEY, MINNIE/MICKEY, AND BILLIE/MICKEY. Mickey pups not too far away here at Mile High Bordoodles go to www.milehighbordoodles.com for more info Bordoodles tend to be highly intelligent. She is 22" and 50lbs. Lol Minnie is an F2b Bordoodle her at Mile High Bordoodles in Colorado. She smiles on command and when she thinks she's been bad. Livermore Colorado Mile High's Pride of Kawliga "Charley" , Charley is such a sweet and awesome boy, he is an F1b Bordoodle, 75% Poodle and 25% Border Collie. Sammy and Charley puppies three and a half weeks old. Good. He brings in the right mix and great bloodlines to make some our wonderful F2b Bordoodles, and is the Sire to our F2b breeder girls. He does not shed and his hair grows slow compared to a Poodle coat. Rescuing a Borderdoodle or any pup in need of a forever home is always recommended. He offers great bloodlines, health, and so many color possibilities. Hours She is a medium sized dog good for any climate, affable and caring in nature. The first time he put it on his head he walked around with it on and looked at Minnie and Billie like lets play. If you hadn't experienced many dog breeds you would know no different, but coming from a background of dogs being a huge part of my life (Breeding, Rescuing, Fostering, Shelter Volunteer), I have met so many that the difference is obvious. He brings in the right mix and great bloodlines to make some our wonderful F2b Bordoodles, and is the Sire to our F2b breeder girls. She has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years and is in the herding dog group with the talents of agility and jogging. Mile High Bordoodles (Livermore, CO) Oregon Bordoodles (Tillamook, OR) Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Portage, UT) An Angel’s Savior: Adopting a Bordoodle. Mile High's Once in a Lifetime "Sammy". Country Life Bordoodles . Our Mickey has such an awesome personality and disposition. We are located in Northern Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains! They don’t usually bark, except to warn of a stranger on your property. He is so funny and such a character. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. Minnie is a Stevie and Charley baby and was born and raised here at Mile High her whole life. 80536, Welcome Mickey to Mile High's breeding program. Wire Fox Terrier 100% Similar. Henley will be bred with Mickey and they will have F3 Multi-Gene Mini Bordoodle puppies. Henley babies coming in 2022 with Mickey. Mickey is currently thirty eight pounds and 19" at the shoulder. But, overall, the Bordoodle tends to be highly trainable and a good fit for dog owners of all experience levels. American Pugabull 92% Similar. Our dogs are never kept in … This litter is spoken for but go to our website for up and coming litter information!!! Our puppies are the perfect combination of Poodle and Border Collie, the worlds two smartest dog breeds. She will have F2b Mini Bordoodle puppies. Bordoodles love kids and get along well with other animals. forward legs first to catch, will do a back flip on occasion and easily and smoothly jumps three feet high as well as scales 5 foot walls up and down with no problems. The Bordoodle is a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle purebreds and these dogs are hybrid by birth. November 13, 2020. They don’t usually bark, except to warn of a stranger on your property. Lol I think he wants to be an astronaut. He is our new stud that will help us achieve our much anticipated F3 Multi-Gene Mini Bordoodles. Mile High Bordoodles . If we do not get back to you within the same day please call, contact us through Facebook, or email. You can get your own Minnie Moo, Minnie is just over 20 lbs, anticipate she will only be 30-35 lbs full grown, and she has two little sisters just as small as she was at birth right now in Stevie and Charleys litter. Charley is parti colored, apricot and white. Mickey is super sweet, smart and very athletic, he has a silky wavy non shed hypoallergenic coat. Mile High Bordoodles The only Bordoodle Breeder, of only F2b Next Generation Miniature Bordoodle Puppies and F3 Multiple Generation Miniature Bordoodle Puppies. www.milehighbordoodles.com. We can't wait for all the future Mickey babies!!!! As well as experiencing raising our very own Poodle's and Border Collie's. The Bordoodle is also known as the Borderdoodle or the Borderpoo and is a cross between the Border Collie and the Poodle. Henley is a smaller girl like Stevie and looks much like momma Stevie when Stevie was little. You can also call if you have any questions. ALL LITTERS WILL HAVE BLUE MERLE, BLACK AND WHITE, RED AND WHITE, POTENTIALLY APRICOT AND WHITE, AND POTENTIALLY RED MERLE. He is an F1b Blue Merle Bordoodle from AKC Poodle's and Border Collie's. Holly is half sister to Stevie. She loves all the puppies, gets along with all the dogs and is one. They are 5 weeks old today and absolutely adorable. Leaving the option of training as a herd dog, as the instinct is there, or keeping a family pet that doesn't focus on those instincts. Charley has such soft silky loose curls of hair. Curly Collies. Our Mickey has such an awesome personality and disposition. Charley has some Border Collie athleticism which he adorably grew into and he is very outgoing. Be the first to review! He is such a perfect combination and the best family pet. At MileHigh Doodles it is our mission to provide top quality allergy-friendly Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. Mile High's Loving You "Minnie"  Minnie is an F2b Bordoodle she is non shed, hypoallergenic, and what we consider a silky curly coat. Colors will be black and white, red and white, black, red, and blue merle. We have had the pleasure of experiencing each generation of Bordoodle with raising our breeders from puppy to adult. Mile High's Uptown Girl "Billie"  Billie is an F2b Bordoodle, she is non shed, hypoallergenic and what we consider a silky curly coat, unique coat very loose curl that we haven't had before, very plush. We have never had one of our pups play astronaut. Bordoodle puppy video from Mile High Bordoodles. Because of their love and loyalty to family members, this breed does better when not left alone for a long extended time. Pet Breeders. Minutes of Activity Per Day. She clowns around for the older dogs and is hilarious to watch. Wire-Poo 100% Similar. November 13, 2020. We are regularly entertained by him, from his noodley ways when we hold him to his hilarious head in a container moments. Email business. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. She is referred to as a hybrid or designer dog. F2b Bordoodle puppies at Mile High Bordoodles. They are 5 weeks … perfect combination of Poodle and Border Collie, the worlds two smartest dog breeds. , She is sweet, cuddly, listens perfectly and as an added bonus is beautiful. The Border Collie amazed me with such a quick witted sharp intelligence, the ability to read your body language and know your thoughts, and having very little if any training requirements. Charley came to us from a wonderful breeder. Every one of them have had something special and unique to offer and we have loved every moment with each. Similar Maintenance Breeds to Bordoodle. Affenchon. Is this your business? Rec. Now I know exactly what all our families mean when they say how awesome these puppies are and how much they love them and everyone around them loves them. By combining the English and French breeds, you should get a designer dog that has a coat with some hypoallergenic qualities. She is 18" and 27lbs. Every dog is special and I can't even express how every animal is dear and worthwhile, I love them all and find joy in each one. She is a superb Dam and delivers with ease and no assistance. Puppies that Mile High Bordoodles have are mini/medium size so will range from 35 to 55 lbs. She is 48 lbs and 22" at the shoulder. We are now accepting reservations on our upcoming Bordoodles. All puppies are health checked, vaccinated and wormed, trained in the Misty Method potty training, and come with a two year health guarantee against. His dam is Muddi and his sire is Summit. Mile High Bordoodles; CCPA. Tags: Bordoodle Bordoodle Breeder Colorado Bordoodle puppies for sale. Mile High Bordoodles: Greeley: Colorado: Deer Creek Labradoodles: Owenton: Kentucky: Oregon Bordoodles: Mcminnville: Oregon: Sand Lake Kennels: Columbia: South Dakota: Safari Doodles: McKinney: Texas: Mountain Rose Borderdoodles: Portage: Utah: Utah Teddy Bear Doodles: Salt Lake City: Utah: Australia and NZ.

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